jessica mangum

Your Spiritual
Path Finder


In the empty spaces between heartbeats is an inner knowing.
A meeting of the infinite source of love and power.
A journey back to deep remembrance.
Seeing from within.
Walking with wisdom of the heart
And trusting the bounty of your nature

ready for a secret?

This is a time of trusting, deeply trusting the essence of who you are.
You are a miracle of unconditional love, and there’s truth and light at the center of your being.

You are capable of breaking through your greatest doubts, and the deepest darkness you’ll ever have to face.

Your greatest challenge, is to re-connect with your spirit. To re-meet yourself, from all new stances and heights.

get clarity

Diamond-edged clarity is listening deeply to your needs, while giving yourself permission to receive those needs. Listening, or “tuning in” takes practice, and acting on it takes courage. We all have an internal guidance system that lets us know what we need, and life will always present you with opportunities lean in to it.
My ultimate gift for you is to give you the laser-focused clarity you need to find your own path and purpose in this challenging world. If you’re just about ready to bloom from all this soul-searching and digging, then it’s no coincidence that you’ve found me!

set your spirit free

I believe that full presence and deep listening are instruments that clear the way and open your channels to greater ease and clarity. As your loyal guide, I’ll help you find your spiritual path of self-creation. I channel messages from the above, with the purpose of connecting you to your core.

As a bridge to the divine, I connect you with your higher self and inner spirit. Remember, your higher self’s mission is to help you transcend and grow, to nudge you towards your pursuit to wholeness. Hearing what your higher self has to say will help you re-meet yourself in new ways, while making it easier to make effortless and empowered choices in your life.

The insights that you receive from my readings and mentorship programs are all here to ground and nourish you. My Intuitive Readings are like “a-has of your soul.” They unlock truths about yourself, that help you align your deepest decisions with your most authentic self. My mentorships dive deeper into unlocking the natural gifts that you might not be aware of.

Why postpone your quest for truth, for clarity, and for purpose? Are you ready for this journey?


Jessica was a true God send during a time when I was being called to a higher purpose, but unsure of what that was or how to get there. I needed guidance, reassurance, affirmation, and a lot of tissues, ha!  She helped me to expand my soul’s inner light, which led me on a healing path that has changed my life in profound ways. Through this healing and under Jessica’s skillful care, I have expanded my spiritual gifts to a point where I can now help others, along with myself.  In learning how to communicate with my higher guidance, I have been able to accomplish the higher purpose(s) put in my heart with ease and in record time. Jessica was there as my spiritual cheerleader and earthly guide keeping me motivated and making sure I was okay each time I was called to a higher level of healing and understanding.  I can’t tell you the hundreds of questions I have brought to her, lol!   Jessica IS love and she reflects just that through her light work and being the amazing down to earth “Jess” that I have come to know.

The Lotus Soul, Founder of the Lotus Soul Cafe

I want to express my sincere thanks to Jessica for helping me move forward in my sacred business with love and confidence.  During our work together, I received not only her awesome business guidance and actions I can put into practice now,  I felt and continue to feel a transmission of a higher energy that has sparked inspiration, passion and clarity.  Jessica is an amazing cheerleader,  holding an unshakable vision of how spirit sees us stepping into our power and shedding identities that no longer serve.

Jessica’s spiritual guidance and intuitive mentorship awakens me to a new and higher perspective of myself with each session in mind, body, and spirit. Like a caterpillar in the cocoon that transforms into a beautiful & radiant butterfly, as humans we must go through similar cycles in life to discover our true authenticity and soul purpose. Jessica’s healing meditations, intuitive development mentoring, and spiritual enlightenment helped me gain the courage and strength needed to step out of my own cocoon and into my light in this world. I am forever grateful for her compassion, love, and healing she has provided to myself, and that which she provides to humanity.

Jessica is a great mentor, teacher, and most of all a loving person and friend. She has taught me about stilling the mind and allowing the quietness to speak to me, introducing me to meditation, the chakras, clearing negative energies around me, and working on past-life forgiveness. Her connection to Source is undeniable as she lives her life with grace, love, and light. As a writer and published author, I highly recommend Jessica as a mentor, teacher, and spiritual advisor. But most of all, I’m proud to call her my friend for life!

Author of "Daring to Believe"

My session with Jess was JUST what the doctor ordered. As soon as I laid down to experience the bowls, I went into a deep state of relaxation. Thoughts flew in and out, awarenesses dropped in. Afterward I felt a new sense of peace. Her ability to confirm the invisible beings present, supporting my healing, was an added bonus. Jess can call herself “the healer’s healer.”

Wise. Deep. Relatable. I’ve known Jessica for several years and through many professional capacities, and these are only three of the qualities that describe her character. Her intuitive giftedness is a blessing for anyone who seeks insight, depth, and understanding. I so wish that you allow yourself to be encouraged upon your deserved path of brilliance, and seek out Jessica for assistance.

Author of 26 bestselling spiritual and energy medicine books, including "The Subtle Body Encyclopedia"