And you’re ready

to identify, accept, and love YOU enough to deeply understand your true nature, authentic self, and be in complete alignment with your inner and higher truth.

your journey starts here

Your first transformation


It all starts with a seed, a catalyst to awareness. Sometimes this seed can be an event that turns your world upside-down to where you cannot go back to your “old” self. Or perhaps you’re inspired with a curiosity to gain more inner wisdom and insight, ready to acquire tools to navigate this life relying more on your inner compass. You know it’s time to move forward. But where? In which direction?

If you’re feeling adrift and seeking clarity, wanting to align with who you are, Jessica can help you awaken to your deepest self.

Your second transformation


Your second transformation


Maybe you have begun your seeking, watering the seed so to speak. You are now looking for absolute Truth about yourself and others. You are grabbing your trowel to dig in deep to find the nature of your true purpose. Synchronicity, circumstance, and life experience become the sunshine in your awakening. You’ve begun to grow roots from the cracked seed, anchoring deeper in the soil of a new perspective on life, to fully emerge, basking in the sunlight. And yet, there’s more… you thirst for more water, more light, more answers.

If you’re thirsting for more understanding of your gifts, see how Jessica can help you evolve.

Your third transformation


As you continue to evolve, you are ready to blossom and bloom. You realize that your ultimate purpose is to heal by deeply understanding yourself and your life experiences in order to plant other seeds – to assist in the growth and expansion of those who surround you. You are realizing that we are all connected, and there can be no greater gift to Source and ourselves than to fortify that unity.

If you’re afire with the call to reach your fullest (or greatest) potential, Jessica can help you motivate the spark and share it with the world.


We are all here to learn, teach, grow and love together. We are here to be the channels of communication between heavens and earth. We each possess a unique and special connection with the Divine energies that love and support us. We know when it’s time to reestablish that connection, to move beyond our 5 senses to a greater, more profound awareness.

I will acknowledge your gifts, reflect them back to you, and help you amplify them so you can “see” what you are made of. Then catapult you to the next level!

They were ready

… are you?

… are you?

I first sought Jessica’s help a few years ago when I was processing some pretty difficult things in my life. Her guidance and support were critical in helping me find my path and understand my purpose. Jessica is truly gifted and offers wisdom with an empathetic directness that pushes you into a new way of being.

Jen Neitzel

Jessica has taught me about stilling the mind and allowing the quietness to speak to me, introducing me to meditation, the chakras, clearing negative energies around me, and working on past-life forgiveness. Her connection to Source is undeniable as she lives her life with grace, love, and light.

Amy Cunningham

Author of "Daring to Believe"

My awakening of spirit germinated like a seed on its own, but I had no idea how to nurture it. A friend referred me to Jessica for Reiki … I didn’t even know what Reiki was. That first session lifted several anchors that were holding back my spiritual energy. I summarily booked a package with Jessica to learn more, and what a transformation that has been. In my first session I was asking “who am I?” and in later sessions, had already progressed to healing past life trauma! Jessica is a skilled and sensitive guide with compassion and knowledge to help her students quickly identify their weaknesses, strengths and purpose, and to develop compassion, empathy and love.

Nick Van Rensburg

Through Jess’s powerful & supportive guidance, I feel I have transcended into a more connected and activated state of being. This program has allowed me to grow, open and step into my gifts in ways I hadn’t realized were possible. Jess is a compassionate healer and teacher. She is a bridge & a wise soul who energetically raises those around her.

Julie Fender

Owner, Sanctuary Imports