3 Mindful Tools for Overcoming a Fear of Lack

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

May 4, 2023

fear of lack
3 Mindful Tools for Overcoming a Fear of Lack

We all go through phases of fear.  It’s just a natural part of our existence. Fear at its very root is the antithesis of love, and love is what we came here to embrace.  So why do we have fear? What’s the point?  What does it mean when we are void of some aspect of a necessity in life (i.e. money)? It means we need to expand upon our faith and revisit our priorities.  If you’re experiencing anxiety or fears surrounding money or a lack thereof, this article offers useful, channeled tools on how to overcome that fear of lack.

“Money Makes the World Go Round.” 

I heard this the other day.  I thought: Really? If money makes the world go round, why are so many in such a state of fear, depression and stinginess because of it? It would be entirely ok with me if the world just stopped for a moment and took a closer look at that which invokes anxiety and deters peace based on the fear of lack.  

When I inquired about money or perceived lack, I understood that even when we get what we ask for, it’s never quite enough.  We always need more.  The cycle does not and will not end until we change our thinking and actions. 

And then I heard a message and visualized a clear image:

“We will always be taken care of, and all we need to do is express gratitude for this simple fact, and allow the Universe’s plan to unfold. We must let go of our worries and concerns about the future.” 

Image: Birds in nests.  Rainbows.  Nature. 
(All a beautiful reflection of how we are taken care of)

In my inquiring, I learned it’s actually quite simple to let go: We just need to stop overthinking and comparing. We need to prioritize what is most important in terms of money and have faith that the plan will be executed.  

Disclaimer: This does NOT mean that when we ask for a million dollars like we did playing the game of LIFE as kids, that it’s going to magically appear.  And I can’t tell you how long I waited for Publisher’s Clearing House to bring the envelope with millions. Dates me, but you get the idea.  The below suggestions are realistic, more tangible ways to manifest with faith.

How do we overcome fear of lack?

Good question!  Here’s your answer:
We overcome any fear by balancing the brain hemispheres, identifying and clearing the distracting thoughts, and by revisiting the origin of the fear and healing it.  What follows are applicable tools for each. As you practice these, you will see, feel and experience a difference in your life.

Tool #1: Balancing the brain hemispheres

Much of society is regulated by left-brain thinking and logic.  And that is good! It’s like train tracks, keeps us in line and focused.  But by bringing in the right brain intuition, emotion, imagination, we balance the mind.  And by balancing our mind from one hemisphere to the other, we align our reality.  

Left Brain:

  1. Plan. Prioritize. Focus on what you want.
  2. Follow the plan.

Bigger money questions:

  • What do you want in your job, family, life?
  • What do you want to do for more fun?
  • How do you want to give back to the world (the cycle of giving and receiving – Universal Law)?

Right Brain:

  1. Pray. Manifest.
  2. Be patient.


Bigger questions:

  • What fears do you need to release?
  • What abundance do you want to be bringing in?

Write these wishes and desires down.  By “thinking” about them will not manifest.  It is by bringing the thoughts (air element) to paper (earth element) that bring them to fruition. Sometimes I put them in an envelope “Open in 3 months” or I fold three times, hold to my heart, and burn to add the fire element.

Tool #2: Identifying and Clearing the Distracting Thoughts

Ever catch yourself asking, “Well, what if…?” or thinking to yourself, “I don’t deserve to make that much money, so I’ll never be able to take a vacation” or, “Look at that person with their fancy car. I’ll never afford a car like that.” 

Be careful of:

  • What ifs
  • Low self-worth thoughts
  • Comparisons

Spend one day, or even one hour, observing your thoughts.  If you catch yourself thinking any of the aforementioned, STOP.  DELETE.  Re-write with something positive – you can do this in your head or (as I always recommend) on paper.  Breathe in the affirmation. Breathe out the nonsense.  This is Louise Hay Affirmations 101.  

Tool #3: Revisiting the Origin of the Fear and Healing It

Some of us grew up in households where money was an issue.  Or that it actually wasn’t an issue, but Mom said no new shoes because money is tight.  Or we got in trouble for wanting an ice cream when we didn’t have enough money at that time to even get school supplies.  You name it, we probably heard it.  

Over time, such statements have an impact on the neurological wiring in the brain.  We learn that there is a constant lack, so we either tighten our belts to the point of tears or we spend frivolously, sometimes rebelliously, to prove that it’s just not true: I do have money, and I’ll prove it! And we feel better in either case.  Temporarily.

The third tool and, in my observation the most powerful, is to revisit our childhood, our younger self, at his or her earliest memory of this fear of lack and reassure him or her that all is ok. 

We heal the inner child.  You can do this through age regression, EMDR, or even meditating on or writing a letter to your younger self.  Most of these actions and responses to fear of lack are not consciously based, so tapping into the unconscious aspects of self which constitute 90-95% of our brain activity, is more healing than we could possibly imagine.

So, there you are.  Three tools to guide and assist you in overcoming a fear of lack.  

Incorporate these and know from your core that all-that-is-meant-to-be happens in time and with faith.  I’ve observed that when we try to force the outcome to fulfill our own sense of lack superficially, it leads to disappointment, frustration and anxiety.  That’s the ego.  That is not of God, Source, the Universe.  We come from Creation, we ARE Creation and so we create our reality through our thoughts and actions. Just follow the rainbow bridge!

The big reality? There is no lack, friends. 

That is a man-made fear-based construct.  Allow yourself the abundance you deserve, so that as you receive it, you can then share.  THAT is why we are here!  

Sending much love,

If you’ve been considering avenues to overcome your fears, step into your power and expand your potential, take a look at the Metamorphosis Program.  And if you’re fearful you can’t afford it? Well, maybe follow the above steps.  You deserve this! 

For other healing tools and tips, subscribe to my YouTube channel for resources on energy and the chakras, singing bowl meditations for clarity and calm and so much more! 

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