A Course in Miracles 2020

A Course in Miracles 2020 (is hindsight – or is it?)

When? Saturday mornings, bi-weekly, from 10am-12pm
What? Topics are based on the lessons. We will not cover the “Text” this year.
Where? Location TBD
Material? We will use the Foundation for Inner Peace Version of A Course in Miracles
How much? There is no “cost,” but an energy exchange/donation (whatever) is always appreciated for the prep work.

Supplemental spiritual work? There is an option to work with Jessica one-on-one monthly in congruence with the Course-work. Please email her directly if this is something you are interested in doing (added meditation, introspection, and intuitive development).


– We will begin with a meditation to ground, cleanse energetically, and open our crowns.
– We will incorporate a spiritual tool pertaining to the lessons.
– We will discuss the topic itself (see below topics and dates)
– We will have a group discussion* about the lessons and what we have learned as a result of incorporating them.

*The sessions as a group are intended to open up all avenues of forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, growth, balance, intuition, connection – and then some. We will refrain from talk of politics, religion as it were, other people out of pity, judgment or vengeance.

Session Dates and Topics:

12/21 – The Intro and Suggested Readings before the New Year
1/4 – Thoughts and Our “Labels”
1/25 – Releasing Fear & Anxiety
2/8 – “Seeing” – Stepping into True Perception
2/22 – (Review I) Who and What is “God” to All of Us?
3/7 – The Light of the World – Why Are We Here, Anyway?
3/21 – (Review II) Forgiveness Tools
4/4 – Miracles are Seen in Light (Adding structure – hourly practice)
4/18 – (Review III) Salvation, Happiness and Truth
5/2 – Open Topic
5/16 – (Review IV) Practicing Omnipresence – God’s Glasses
5/30 – Healing the World – Accepting Atonement
6/13 – I am as God Created Me.
6/27 – Grace
7/11 – Opportunities for Growth
7/25 – I Place the Future in God’s Hands
8/8 – What is Forgiveness?
8/22 – What is Salvation?
9/5 – What is the World?
9/19 – What is “Sin”? What is the Body?
10/3 – What is the Christ?
10/17 – What is the Holy Spirit?
10/31 – What is the Real World? The Second Coming?
11/14 – What is the Last Judgment?
11/28 – What is Creation?
12/5 – What is the Ego?
12/19 – What is a Miracle? What am I?