Angel Number Exploration as We End 2022 and Welcome 2023

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

December 22, 2022

Angel numbers for 22-23
Angel Number Exploration as We End 2022 and Welcome 2023

Numerology, symbology, angel numbers, synchronicity – It’s amazing how they reflect our connection to the universe.  Everything means something, and once we start putting the pieces together, we realize that we are constantly in contact, and all we need to do is pay attention.  It’s wild, in a word.  And so I want to share with you some observations numerologically of what this year brought as well as some insight into 2023! Let’s explore the angel numbers.

2022 is going out with a BANG!

Or more like a sneeze and cough in my household. Whenever I or anyone else around me gets sick, I know it’s time to naturally clear some old energetic patterns.  Stepping into this new year, the next cycle of growth, we as a family had to release what wasn’t serving us in order to jump to the next level, like Donkey Kong… barrels and all.  I would imagine, because we are all connected, that you too may have experienced some of the same, maybe in a different format.

Let’s tie in the barrels that came a-rolling with the numbers 2022 – and how we can release the old to make way for what 2023 will bring.

2022 – A Year in Review
(2+0+2+2 = 6)

The Number 6: Sincerity/Authenticity, Unfoldment, Protection, Sensitivity, and Growth – also the Star of David, 6-pointed cross of heaven and earth inter-communication.

The Number 2: Balance & harmony, collaboration, the feminine/water element. And also, contrast, duality, and negotiation.

The Number 0: New beginnings (symbolically the egg) and endings; new ideas; limitlessness & potential; invention.

What this means:
6 the Year Life Path Number:
When I look at the sum total of the numbers of a year, I like to correlate their total to a life path number.  FYI – this may not be how others do it, but I have observed synchronicity with it.

A 6 life path number is indicative of the energies of sacrifice, healing, teaching, and protection. Whatever your life path number may be, you may have noticed how these different facets have sprinkled themselves in your interactions with others throughout the year.  A lot of blogs on self-care – just sayin’.

2 (repeated 3 times!):
Perhaps you noticed a bit of duality this past year – opposing ideas and contrasts of opinion?  Clearly, we have a lot of 2’s up and coming, until we reach 2030, so let’s address this.

These subsequent years (the 2020s) are about relinquishing control and gaining wisdom in the fundamental arena of acceptance. Meaning: If someone has a different viewpoint than you do, don’t react, let it go, process it with a professional or someone you deeply trust.  Once processed, decide whether or not to say something.  Accept it as “that’s where they are right now.” Friends, there is no “wrong” or “right.”  Everyone is here to learn, and nobody is perfect.  It is your choice as to whether you want to carry their opinion or not.

If this is a friend or loved one, that acceptance piece may be a little trickier because the roots run deeper.  Here are some super helpful blogs on the subject: How to Love the Unlovable and Dealing with the Divide.  The tips within them might come in handy during the holidays when/if seemingly random triggers pop up. You got this!

When it comes to the singular “0,” and this will apply for the next 80 years or so, this is all about inspiration and new-ness, invention and the eternal.

My suggestion? In general, journal – not necessarily for the next 80 years, but you get the gist. Write down any and all ideas that pop into your mind space.  This is a time of invention and thus creativity.  It will also lend itself to “change,” so again, practice non-judgment and acceptance. As a collective we are drastically changing.  Flow with it!

Also, on a personal level when I see a “0,” I know to invest my time in areas that bring out my passion and creativity, expressing myself from my mind through my body – for me it’s music and art. What is that for you? Do you need to take some classes in something that makes you feel joy, self-worth and a certain giddiness?

And now (drum roll) 2023!
(2+0+2+3 = 7)

7 the Year Life Path Number:
A 7 life path number belongs to the seekers of Truth.  It happens to be my life path number, so I’m pretty psyched. It’s all about digging into our authenticity and unraveling our inner truths and how we apply them to and share them with the world.

Suggested spiritual books for some seeking:

Based on the aforementioned, we understand the 2 and 0.  The number 3 is all about bringing earth to heavens and vice versa (symbolized by the upward and downward facing triangle).  Often when we see 3:33 or 33, it denotes a certain sacred-ness.  This upcoming year will also be a year of duality, acceptance, and new-ness (2 and 0), but this time with an element of universal love and Spirit mixed with positive creation. Phew!

The 3 itself will soften the pendulum’s swing, the Donkey Kong barrel jumping.  This upcoming year, focus on looking at the world through the lens of Spirit.  I’d recommend taking classes in mindfulness, listening to your inner voice of truth, grounding, opening the crown, and clearing.

Lately and more frequently, I have been awakened at the wee hours to channel when I otherwise do not have time during the day.  Channeling and automatic writing (heavens to earth) are significant, clarifying and empowering not just for you but for everyone with whom you come into contact.  We’re being called to channel, to connect, to “bridge the gap.” And we may not all “hear” Spirit in the same way, but we are all connected in the unique ways only our soul knows, to be our Inner Truth, our Higher Self.

I’m eager to announce that I’ll be offering a “Intuitive Development – Focus on Channeling” workshop on March 11, 2023. 

This class is for those of you who:

  • are looking for clarity in terms of your intuitive gifts
  • have had some spiritual/mindfulness practice
  • desire to define your intuitive skills
  • would like to learn practical ways to apply your gifts to everyday life for clarity

* This can also be a refresher course for those of you who have dabbled in these areas but want more clarity and affirmation.

For other healing tools and tips, subscribe to my YouTube channel for resources on energy and the chakras, singing bowl meditations for clarity and calm and so much more! 

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