Authenticity and a Shift in Perspective! 🌟

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

December 15, 2021

Jessica Mangum
Authenticity and a Shift in Perspective! 🌟
I had a beautifully deep conversation with my niece a month or so back.  Mind you, this is my niece who is in the Navy now on a submarine for the next three months.  A girl, on a submarine, doing her thing, standing in her Truth. This is relevant. I promise. We were talking about the impact of social media on teens and across the board.  We reflected on how when human beings see what is in the moment deemed “perfect,” and we want to be just that.  But what is that?  And how much of what we see is REAL??
The Life Lesson: When I talk to my Higher Self and my guides, I hear, “But you already are perfect.  Just the way you are.  It’s how we created you.  Why change what is eternal?”  Wow.  Super profound and so true.
And then, moments later, on Instagram, I saw an ad with Christy Brinkley telling me I needed to rub my wrinkles with some contraption to make my skin smooth and, in my 45 years, look 20.  My initial knee jerk was two-fold: One, she’s suggesting already that I have wrinkles (super rude – I mean, I do.  I smile a lot.  But won’t reiterating it just manifest it more??); two, doesn’t this reflect the days of the traveling salesmen where people came with their magic potions to make an instant change (for only $9.99, folks!)?  It’s all around us – AGH!  And it sure is a money-maker.  Just sayin’.
Back to the concept of authenticity, there are many aspects that I can address.  Maybe you can come up with more…
– Beauty
– Communication
– Integrity in general
Let’s start with beauty.  It’s the most in-your-face, pun intended. Don’t get me wrong, I do get a wild hair to shave my legs from time to time (much to my husband’s relief), and I’m all about pampering.  The issue is not self-care.  My point here is self-LOVE.
Short and sweet, when we practice self-love, we are being authentic. And when we are being authentic in who we ARE – not trying to change based on what others say or how their outsides compare to our insides (really ponder that one) – we are loving LIFE.  We are loving BEing.  We are absolutely beautifully glowing from within – and then we project that glow-ness to everyone we bump into!  And, it’s free!  We are less critical of ourselves and therefore others; we are more accepting of life situations overall because we are not exhausting ourselves trying to look good or meet the needs of others.
Here’s a fun checklist of sorts. From a chakra/energy perspective, we love ourselves when:
Root: We exercise, we practice gratitude for what we have (material abundance), we ground ourselves in our physical manifestation of our spirit BEing on this planet.
Sacral: We know our value to others; we express our emotions; we receive and give pleasure; we CREATE!
Solar plexus: We stand up for what we strongly believe in; we know our strength and divine power; we listen to our gut.
Heart: We love; we fill our bowl first (self-full) so we have the energy to give back; we are compassionate, patient, accepting, peaceful, and full of laughter; we heal as we help others heal; we connect/network with those of a high frequency of love.
Throat: We lovingly express who we are, where we stand; we channel light and communicate it; we process through writing (journaling)
3rd Eye: We see the world through the eyes of our Creator; we see the bigger picture of situations; we are open-minded; we see others through their inner light, not their physical.
Crown: We believe; we connect to the light; we are the prism of color and expression through our memories of Spirit.
When we are in our authentic self, we are practicing SELF-LOVE and a loving shift in perception of literally everything. Trying to be anything but who we are and what is in our best interest will only deplete what we came here with in the first place!
Here’s a great, highly recommended blog + video from my YouTube channel for all the healers out there.  And, FYI, if you’re reading this and you “get” it, you’re a healer. Read and watch. You’ll thank your authentic self.
Finally (drum roll), with that, channeled about 3 months ago, I am ecstatic to announce my first re-emergence into the “physical instruction” world with a “Third Eye Awakening Weekend Workshop” to shift your perception of not only you but the universe and everything therein! Authentically, I have not been dragging my feet but instead staying super duper busy and healthy.  And now, IT’S TIME!!  (So excited – have I mentioned this?)
* I will delicately mention space is limited for the above practicum (20 max in person).  Still being somewhat Covid-mindful.  We are going to live broadcast and record the session for those who would prefer to meet and practice the workshop tools from the convenience of their own home.

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