Below are some consistently asked questions, all of which are completely valid. With my background as a teacher, I love questions as they show me that whoever I’m working with has great curiosity and a willingness to learn.

If any of the questions you might have are not listed below, please feel free to contact me! I typically respond within 48 hours to all queries. If you don’t hear from me, check your spam.

Is what I am experiencing weird?

This is probably the most commonly asked question.  My response is always, “No.  Absolutely not.”  We have been taught to “think differently,” meaning within the constructs and confines of a societal standard.  So, seeing and hearing things has been shunned historically, to say the least.  But we are all born with these gifts – we either forget during puberty often or they were shut down at a young age.  When they come back, they are surprising and there are very few we can talk to about them.  But I’m telling you – I’ve seen everything from aliens to angels to shapes, colors, visions (bleed throughs), stuck souls, lost souls, etc.  There is so much we don’t know and multiple dimensions just waiting for us to discover.

Will I lose my life if I delve into this work?

So, I have kids (one in elementary school, two college age), a husband, dogs, a house, a car, a 3-D life. Trying to integrate spiritual and earth can be a little overwhelming, yes.  However, we can learn to be fully present in both worlds.  It’s more about time management and prioritization than anything else – and I often work with my clients on this because it is one of my primary life lessons (just ask my husband and kids).

Also, individuals in the “past” who heard or saw things were often persecuted, so that might stir up some past life memories and fears.  We are safe to be who we need to be in this lifetime.  In fact, if we don’t follow it, there seems to be a sort of longing or sometimes physical, emotional, mental blocks that present themselves.


Finally, as we grow and expand, we often shed aspects of our life that do not serve our Higher Purpose anymore.  I can’t say this “shedding” is easy.  We may lose friends, we may feel different.  BUT, as we tap into our inner, honest and authentic truth in terms of what is most important to us on a soul level, we need to release anything that might keep us back from flying.

Am I really intuitive?

This one’s easy.  Yes!  Not so cool to answer a question with a question, but do we really think our creator would send us down here to help heal the earth and communicate without gifts and skills to communicate back?  We all “see” differently; we all have individual, powerful gifts; we all are an integral part of this vast puzzle within the conscious collective to learn to love and grow with one another. It’s that whole “heavens to earth” and vice versa concept.  You are intuitive.  I/they/we promise!  It’s just a question of “how” – and that’s where I come in.

I “see” and “hear” things. Am I just making this up?

This relates somewhat to the previous question.  No, you are not making any of this up.  Often when we tap into our intuition it is us reconnecting with our subconscious and super subconscious self.  Through those areas, we access the feelings, the thoughts, the sensations of other dimensions, other times.  This question comes up most often with regression work.  My response is that the feelings are so intense.  How could you possible make that up?  Also, most clients don’t come in with an agenda as to what they’re going to experience in a past or ancestral life; it just presents itself during the regression work, and it’s quite surprising how accurately it describes or penetrates the subject at hand.

P.S. – Regression work is one of my faves.  SO healing.

What is a regression session like?

I conduct three different types of regression.  Current life, past life and ancestral contract re-writing.  All of them are similar in that they begin with an induction to move clients into a deeper state of relaxation.  Current life regression takes clients back to their younger self to heal misperceptions and to release old thought patterns.  Past life focuses on experiencing the womb, moving into past lives and then visiting the spirit realm to review.  Ancestral takes one back to the time of the original trauma within their ancestry that relates to epigenetically infused addictions or unhealthy patterns within a family, mom’s or dad’s side, or both.  Typically these traumas go 7 generations back and 2 generations ahead.  All are powerful and transformational.

I’m having lots of dreams/nightmares. How do I stop them so I can sleep?

We don’t “stop” anything in the subconscious, like dreams.  We interpret and get to the bottom of them.  All dreams have deeper meaning that can provide the answers we aren’t consciously aware we are seeking.  Once we pinpoint how to interpret (and I use a lot of Carl Jung’s theories) and then process, the dreams and nightmares subside.  Nightmares themselves, in my opinion, are an opportunity to work with our shadows to heal the deep wounds or trauma.  Once we overcome that, it feels like we can do anything, like we’re on top of the world – because we are.

I can’t afford this financially right now. Maybe it’s not the right time?

This work is an investment in yourself, and not just the human manifestation of your BEing, but in your spirit and soul space.  Pretty deep stuff.   It is a thought process and manifestation. I often say, “If you are inspired to do and are passionate about this work and discovering your passion/purpose, the money will come.”

Money often comes up because we have been taught how “important” it is.  And, yes it is important for sure – we need to eat and pay the bills.  Here’s the deal: Money is abundance, just in a societal form of exchange.  Abundance itself is everything from love to a car to what we’re eating for dinner.  Often when we realize our self-worth and what we deserve to receive for the betterment of all (as it relates to this work), the money shows up.  It’s uncanny on a cerebral level – and miraculous in terms of all possibilities.  ANYthing is possible.

In some cases, because I’ve done the single parent thing and I never turn away someone who is clearly ready to step into their power, I can work with you monetarily.  Never be afraid to ask!

Do you work mostly with women?

I do not solicit my clients, nor do I focus on any sort of separation based on skin color, culture, gender, sexual preference, age – ANY of it. I have worked with middle-aged white women, but also men, children, teens (those programs to come), Asians, Native Americans, Latinos.  My advanced degree is in teaching English, the universal language, to people around the world – and my passion is bringing all cultures and belief systems together.  My goal is focused on the nature of the Spirit and soul and Higher Self which have little to nothing to do with how we look or where we come from.

On this note, I would like to say that I have been working with more men.  This is due to their willingness and openness to step into their own intuition and move away from the confines of the societal expectation of what a man is.  I LOVE this.

I do hope to work with children more in the future. I shall keep you all posted and would always love feedback on how I could possibly assist in that arena.

Why should I do this work with you, Jess?

Because you are amazing.  Because you are deserving.  Because you will feel and be empowered, confident, affirmed, relieved… the gamut.  I’m here to reflect all of it.  It’s who I am.