Healing & Clearing

This package is for highly motivated professionals who hold a great deal of workspace for others.

Holding space takes a great deal of energy and often leaves you drained and out of energetic alignment. “Unclogging your energetic vacuum” on a consistent basis helps keep you centered, focused and more enthusiastic.  These sessions offer spiritual guidance and clarity as well as healing and alignment through Reiki, singing bowls or singing bowl on-the-body treatment.  You’ll leave feeling refreshed, uplifted, rejuvenated.

Healing & Clearing is for corporate, medical workers, counselors, massage therapists, and healers holding space for others and thus need some guidance and consistent check-ins for energy alignment. This package is also for those continuing on following the Metamorphosis and Evolution Programs.




3-sessions per month package. Receive monthly clarity. These sessions offer spiritual guidance and clarity as well as healing and alignment. 
Distance sessions do not include on-the-body work. 
In-Person treatments include Reiki, singing bowls, or singing bowls on the body.



They were ready

… are you?

… are you?

Through the healing and clearing work I’ve done with Jessica, I’ve gained greater awareness of energetic shifts and am better able to identify their origins. It’s so empowering to finally see and understand when energetic shifts come from outside sources! In addition to the intuitive gifts Jessica brings to help heal and clear energy, I am learning to rebalance this energy on my own so that I can stay aligned with my highest self. Jessica holds space with warmth and sincerity while gently leading me towards greater levels of awareness.
Lisa Struckmeyer