Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

October 13, 2021

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

When we first begin the awakening process of seeing, feeling, and hearing things beyond this reality, it’s fascinating, empowering. We begin deeply understanding how unique we are – and yet how little we know. Like taking the blinders off a horse, we get the bigger picture of a much vaster reality, and often at a mustang’s pace once those flood gates open.

This heightened level of awareness can also be overwhelming, sometimes scary. Do we dip our toes in? We know innately once we tap into the powers of our sixth sense, we’ll never quite be the same again. The world and life we had relied on as a safety net and foundation are not what we thought they were.  Our “reality” expanded shows us things that are strangely familiar yet foreign at the same time, and there are very few who actually talk about it for fear of judgment from others.  So it might feel isolating.  Though many are not “there” yet, we’re steadily finding those who are (Thank God and the Universe, literally).

So, what does the awakening have to do with “darkness, our old friend?”  Quite a bit.

Why the Darkness When We Are Growing Spiritually?
Really, it doesn’t make sense, but for those of you on “the journey,” as we continue expanding and awakening, our light energy and vibration rise naturally alongside our awareness. The codes in our crown space and all around our aura (subtle body) shift as we become more ready and receptive.  The expansion looks like a neon, pale blue mandala spinning just above the crown – and the shapes become more intricate (best way to describe) the more we open up.  As a result, we are provided more intuitive gifts, like downloads of information, but also more challenging opportunities to locate the weaknesses within our auric field.  This occurs because we have to hold that light in such purity and authenticity – particularly when we are light working on or with others – that lower frequencies (weaknesses or “holes” in our field) must be healed.  This is not to manifest more dark for you, FYI, this is just to reassure that it’s part of the growth process, like growing pains.  I don’t know that anyone ever told me this, so when I started seeing more dark as my “light energy” expanded, I thought there was something wrong with me.  Not so. It’s all a part of the process of strengthening the Higher Self.

The Dark’s Purpose:

Darkness or “shadow” is actually what makes us wholly “us.”  Think: An artist uses shadow in sculpting and drawing to create depth and contrast.  Without it, we’d have a flat, dull, 2-D work of art.  We are the work of art, the Universe’s creation, and as we are all aspects of light, we are darkness as well.  Darkness is the moon or internal side of our being where light is the sun, what people see on the outside.  The introspective aspect is the place where all our secrets hide.

Opportunities to work with the shadow has synchronistically come up in sessions with clients – in nightmares, in visions, and in conjunction with multiple planets in retrograde (looking back stuff to clear) – and it needs some addressing.  It’s nothing to be afraid of like horror movies might portray.  I talk to ghosts all the time, and none of them burst out of my closet, demon head and all, like in Poltergeist.  But, I do notice that as we awaken, our darkness becomes much more obvious and ready to release, often testing us in ways that are uncomfortable or sometimes jarring.

What is most pertinent in all of this is that the dark helps us identify and become our true, infinite power and strength. Darkness feeds on fear – and fear is like a flashing siren telling us to “Slow down and pull over!”  It’s part that we instinctively run from. But those flashing sirens are actually the exact signal we need to witness in order to clear and overcome whatever we think that “monster” is. It brings our greatest fears identified (Aha!), literally, to a greater level of understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others. This ultimately leads to HUGE empowerment and trust in the Self (the Collective Conscious) – and back to who we ARE and always have been since our creation.

Below are some tools in working with, as opposed to resisting, the dark.  Seems counter-intuitive, but the more we run from the dark or ignore it, the more it revisits, tapping us on the shoulder.  What it’s really saying? “Hey, I’m here. Look at me! Let’s let this go.”

Darkness Tools for Lightworkers and Awakening Souls:

For Nightmares, Visions or “That Feeling…”

– Prayer/Meditation: Light a candle.  Call in the angels (particularly Michael), Ascended Masters, and the light.  Ask that all lower frequency energies come to the light and be crossed over with the help of the angels and guides.  Hand to heart, crown to heavens/sky, feel the energy shifting, see the light coming in.  Super powerful.

– Sage, palo santo in the four corners of every room.  Call in energies to raise the vibration and ask that only those frequencies that carry the highest good for the benefit of all may enter the space.  I do this bi-weekly or monthly because I conduct most of my lightwork out of my home.

– Direct communication: Literally face the dark. Ask it: What do you want?  I’ve learned that, more often than not, the dark is more fearful than we are.  It’s like talking to the bully on the playground about why s/he bullies.  We learn they do so only because they project their pain.  Same as dark energy.  Always ask.  Don’t engage and try to fix necessarily, but instead listen.  This builds compassion as well; we can always offer a little more of that virtue.

For the Shadow Darkness Within…

– For patterns of shadow darkness that appear (like phobias or unhealthy behavior), journal what’s beneath.  What visions, feelings come to mind? What are you REALLY fearful of beneath the surface?  The only thing lower frequencies can mess with is the mind.  But if the mind is clear from fully understanding the depth of our fears, we can release them and the lower frequencies have nothing. AWARENESS is the key to healing.

– Deep soul regression practices (current, past life, and even ancestral) help clear imprints that are often illogical in this lifetime – they clear the patterns that keep us stuck or repeating unhealthy physical, emotional and mental behaviors.  It’s why I do hypnotherapy.  When we experience the origin of that shadow through our subconscious memories within the soul space and then heal it deep within, it takes our expansion and empowerment to a whole new level.

In sum, what is really important: Nothing can hurt us that we don’t (sub)consciously allow.  As we continue to grow and face our shadows, ask questions, and understand deeper the WHY, we become balanced, whole, compassionate, and powerful. When we embrace the darkness, all fear is erased.  What’s left behind?  Only LOVE.  And it is with LOVE that we can more authentically empower ourselves and thus others.

For those of you ready to dig deeper, to take the next step to release what might be holding you back, I recommend current or past life hypnotherapy.  I’m now certified in conducting these powerful sessions through the IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists).  For more information or to request a session, click: https://jessicamangum.com/services/sound-hypnotherapy/. These sessions can be conducted online or in person.  Both means are effective.

Much love,

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