Mass Awakening, Mass Evolution

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

March 16, 2021

Mass Awakening, Mass Evolution

There are only two steps in the evolutionary process, though it seems to take an eternity in earth time. The first is an awakening, an awareness; the second, evolution itself. And, you guessed it. We are experiencing both phases concurrently right now.

Let’s start with the awakening. Awakening begins with awareness, often abrupt like a light bulb going off – ding! – leading to a shift in perspective; it typically occurs as a result of our realization that the material world is nothing but an illusion.  Often our awakening is the direct result of something physically, emotionally, relationally, mentally painful occurring in our lives.  It temporarily separates us from what we have deemed to keep us safe and stable, and in that way, we are forced to see things from a different perspective.  For those of you who have already experienced it, this requires little to no explanation.

Once the awakening process begins, we must undo what we thought our reality was. It can be a bit daunting initially – at least it was for me.  We must let go of what we were taught, ironically a behavioral pattern that kept us alive and in sync with society, and recommence from a different angle. In other words, there has been a framework for being human, for living on this planet, and most are taught to stay within the confines, outlined like chalk on the pavement. This pattern has endured for generations, passed down from mother to daughter, father to son. And now, it’s shifting.

Awareness full force: 

So, how does COVID-19, the rioting, the overall acute acknowledgment of injustice, and need for equity tie into this?  It’s all part of our collective awareness. It is the initial step in the process of our collective evolution.

I’ve spoken of a massive zit needing to pop – a zit camouflaged with tons of make-up that’s been concealing the historical muck, prejudices, and overall judgment. Well, it’s popped.  All the infection under the surface is obvious, angry red, ugly, and a bit painful. Side observation: The masks are perhaps a preventative measure to keep our throat chakras from over-exerting themselves causing more damage (picking at the zit), allowing us to process internally before speaking; they’re pretty symbolic, actually.

With this explosion comes a lot of resistance, which we will address in just a moment. What we need to do is look beneath the surface, to look to the light underneath the infection. Only there can we see that it has been masked by layers, shells of protection, and environmental “knowledge,” thus creating over time a sort of betrayal to the inner self and our inner truth.  On a collective level, it is the awareness of the original trauma and thus misperceptions unwillingly bestowed upon us by our ancestors and/or our environment. It is up to each of us to investigate this initial trauma and recognize this in ourselves first and then in others, to have compassion, not to judge (NOTE: not to necessarily take that energy to dinner), and to send that energy some love and healing.  Sometimes that’s the best we can do. That’s the awareness and detachment-with-love cocktail of healing.

The Inter-dimensional Evolution:

So, I’m here to report that we are definitely not alone in this evolutionary process. Not only is it occurring on a global level, but there are also forces at work in the Higher dimensions as well as souls being sent here to slap us in the face with new knowledge (I can attest to this in my six-year-old; she rocks at teaching the new earth viewpoints).

The work our ancestors, guides, Ascended Masters, Wise Ones and the Archangels/angels are conducting is unprecedented, to say the very least.  Not only that, but we have said goodbye to many souls this past year who are now reporting back to Source the exact nature of the issues here on this planet. They are bringing earth to the heavens, the symbolic bottom, upward-facing triangle in the Star of David (the downward-facing triangle represents heaven to earth). You see we are all actually receptors and channels of this reality.  And all of the aforementioned are working with us to heal it. I call this collective work “Spiritual Neosporin.”  Best teamwork ever.

In addition, the children coming into this world today are strong-willed, impatient with ignorance, already keenly aware of the current environment, and fully ready to learn and teach a new way of life that is more loving and balanced on the whole. We are moving into an age of understanding, emotional intelligence – an age of self-awareness and responsibility for our actions.

You may notice resistance to this newness.  The mentality of authoritarianism and the need to be right no matter what (to name a few – I call it the wounded ego) is phasing out, but not without a fight. Oddly, we may notice that when one is threatened by the enlightenment or self-empowerment of another, the end result is ridicule, bullying, or defensiveness.  When and if we witness this, remember that we are not here to prove each other wrong.  This journey has nothing to do with winning or losing.  It is about lifting each other up.  It is about supporting one another.  This journey is about letting go of the old (but not ancient) layers so that we can remember who we ARE – so that we can recall how special each of us is as individuals. When someone is threatened by these new ways, we can state where we are coming from delicately, not participate in a debate (right now debates are often unproductive, they go in circles with no resolve – that happens during the evolutionary process), and politely remove ourselves. Anger only aggravates the already irritated zit! Think.

Bigger Picture!

We’re evolving as a race, and the evolution is real. We needed to physically distance so we could and can process our thoughts, opinions, reflections as individuals.

I, for one, have been in hermit-mommy mode for the past year.  I have been processing the frustrations with being stuck at home, schooling remotely, missing my friends and family, etc. (still under construction) and have realized that this has actually allowed me to focus on my own issues, my ancestral history, and what and who are important to me – the list goes on. Awareness! It’s also been a healing time to connect to Source, to channel with fewer outside distractions.

I KNOW you can all relate.  This is ALL HAPPENING FOR A REASON.  And though our world may never be the same, is that such a bad thing?

Sending so much LOVE,



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