meet jessica

I’m Jessica, a seasoned intuitive medium and teacher who helps others reconnect with their inner self, their intuitive gifts and their soul’s purpose.

Many of my clients have come to me to locate the “missing piece” in their life’s story – they want something more; they want fulfillment. Others come because they begin experiencing a sort of awakening through synchronicity, visualizing inexplicable things, experiencing premonitions to name a few.

I do what I do because I am passionate about being the “hand” that holds the space to walk you through whatever you are experiencing. Through my own awakening, I have acquired tools and practices that keep me centered, and I know it is my job to share these. I know that the challenges – or opportunities for expansion – in life provide wisdom and a greater understanding in the end. It is through self-empowerment and self-realization, seeing ourselves from a universal point-of-view that we can understand and take charge of our health, relationships, emotional well-being, spirituality, and spiritual connectedness.

my offerings

I share my gifts by:
– Teaching meditation and mindfulness practices that cultivate focus and clarity
– Helping others develop and strengthen their spirituality and connection to Source
– Offering spiritual guidance and intuitive readings that awaken your purpose
– Providing various spiritual and holistic tools leading to overall physical, emotional and mental healing
– Holding the highest space for your highest good and the good of all.

My overall objective is to be a Light for this world and to share it with whoever is ready.

my story

Born in Syracuse, I moved to the Midwest at a young age and resided there until after college where I moved with (almost) my entire immediate family to North Carolina. Degree-wise, I acquired a BA in French once I realized my true passion for languages and culture on the whole. I began teaching English as a Second Language to academically-bound foreigners and enjoyed the cultural and linguistic aspects so much I went on to obtain my graduate degree in education. I have been teaching for almost twenty years now, from the English language to now meditation and intuitive development.

I love music – all kinds. I love food – all kinds. I love people and nature. I love my work, most importantly, because I get to DO what I LOVE.

In terms of my personal meditative practice and connectedness to Source, it wasn’t until my late twenties that I understood that what I was experiencing was “different,” that the voice I had been hearing was not something “normal.” I thought everyone heard voices and felt others’ energy (turns out they do, but that’s another story). I learned that the voice was my primary guide, William, and that whenever I listened to what he told me, life just fell into place. In other words, once I slowed down enough to “hear” through the cacophony in my mind, I was able to receive information that was already and always there.

From that awakening, I began to hear other voices, other messages. I then had to learn to distinguish between the voices of guides, angels, ascended masters and spirits who had passed. They all feel, sound and look a little different. I had to learn how different colors and frequencies represent different energies among human beings as well as otherworldly beings. I still find it all so fascinating, and I feel blessed that I can “see” these things!

So now I strive to teach others not necessarily to “hear” voices, but to listen to their own inner guidance in the way they are naturally inclined to. It is my passion. It is my purpose.


intuitive gifts

As we are all here to learn, teach, grow and love together, we hold a special place in the eyes of Source. Each of us has a unique intuitive skill set. Some of us can feel, emotionally or physically, the energy of others. Others have a “knowing” about people or situations. Our unique gifts may be unbelievable to us. Often we feel like what we are sensing (our 6th sense) is just “something we’re making up.” I am here to help you identify and acknowledge that this 6th sense is real, and once we clarify your gift, we learn together how to apply it to daily life. By doing so, you will express naturally your authentic self to the world because you will understand who you are on the deepest level possible. In other words, I take your gifts, reflect them back to you, amplify them so you can “see” what you are made of, and then offer you different ways to tap in, utilize and believe in what you have always known to be TRUE about yourself!