meet jessica

I’m Jessica! I’m a seasoned intuitive medium and mentor that helps others re-connect with their spirit. I channel messages from above, with the purpose of connecting you to your core.

I have observed that many people’s greatest challenges are derived from a disconnect with their spirit, their inner nature. Many of my clients come to me because they want to understand the missing pieces to their life’s story. They are looking for personal change and growth. This journey can be difficult, and your self-empowerment journey to take charge of your health, relationships, spirituality, and emotional wellbeing means the world!

I’ll help you re-meet yourself in new ways through the spiritual lens of your higher self. These insights give you a wholesome perspective of your personal circumstances as well as your natural intuitive gifts. It’ll give you the clarity you need for re-occuring patterns and challenges you’re experiencing, while restoring confidence and trust in your abilities.

my offerings

I share my gifts by:
– Teaching meditation and mindfulness practices that cultivate focus and clarity
– Helping others develop and strengthen their spirituality and connection to Source
– Offering spiritual guidance and intuitive readings that awaken your purpose
Life is often challenging, and true insight is here for you. I help you access your inner wisdom and creativity to encourage self-love and trust the way Spirit loves and trusts you with this life.

my story

I’m originally from Syracuse, New York but grew up in Sylvania, Ohio. I have a BA in French and a Masters in Education with a focus on TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). My love for travel, language, and culture inspired me to live overseas in France and Thailand for a bit. But home is where the heart is, and I found my home with my family and friends in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It wasn’t until my late twenties, when I understood that I was a medium and had intuitive gifts. At that time I was searching for tools to help me balance out the outer chaos of life with more inner calm and peace. Meditation became my daily practice. It was a way to relax and slow down my thoughts, while calming a stressed nervous system. Who knew that chronic migraines could make its way out of my life with a deep breathing and meditative practice?

I had no idea that balancing the conscious, active mind would also mean awakening the intuitive, subconscious ones. I was opening a page to a chapter of my book, that I didn’t know was there.

intuitive gifts

It was through consistent meditative practice that I first “heard” the voice of my primary guide, William. He would offer me advice from a place of love and calm. I knew it wasn’t me talking because, well, he sounded in my head like a man.

From there I began to hear other voices, but I had to learn to distinguish between voices of guides, angels, ascended masters and spirits who had passed. They all feel a little different.

So today, I assist in mentoring and teaching individuals to reconnect and understand the natural intuitive connection that we all have with Source.

I love what I do. I love this life. I hope that you can come share with me on this journey.