“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”
– Pema Chodron

I offer one on one mentorships for your spiritual development and personal growth. I’ll hold the space you need to heal and grow, and take inspired action to help you realize and practice your intuitive gifts. My intention for our time together is to work with you to develop a renewed sense of self-trust that will give you the courage to take life on with confidence and clarity/certainty.

Here are areas we can work on:
– Healing the past
– Identifying and understanding your intuitive gifts
– Connecting to your Higher Self and Source
– Clearing and balancing your chakras
– Establishing Energetic Boundaries and Raising your Vibration
– Nurturing emotional balance and stability
– Affirming your self-worth and personal power
– Practicing Unconditional Love and Forgiveness
– Developing Clarity and Mindfulness through various meditative practices


1 Month Package – Clarity, Calm and (Energetic) Clearing
This package includes:
Initial Intuitive Reading (CLARITY)
Foundations of Meditation for CALM
Chakra self-assessment and CLEARING
Final Reading and recommendations moving forward
$540 for 4 one-hour in-person or sessions by phone ($60 savings)

2 Month Package – Manifesting Change and Growth
This package includes all of the aforementioned plus:
Intuitive gifts assessment
Application of intuitive gifts at the beginning level
Meeting your guide, gatekeeper, and totem animal
Learning how you specifically communicate with your guides
$1000 for 8 one-hour in-person or sessions by phone ($200 savings)

3 Month Package – Truly Transformational Work
This package includes all of the aforementioned plus:
In-depth healing of past wounds
Stronger sense of intuitive abilities and how to incorporate them in your daily life
Medical intuition and chakra (energy) cleansing
A greater understanding of and introduction to the Angels & Ascended Masters
The opportunity to conduct your own intuitive readings, affirming your gifts
$1400 for 12 one-hour in-person or sessions by phone ($400 savings)

6 Month Package – The Practitioner
Objectives include all of the aforementioned plus:
Advanced medical intuition and healing practices
Practice readings
$3000 for 24 one-hour in-person* sessions ($600 savings)
*For interested parties not located near or around the Charlotte area, please contact me directly to discuss how to move forward with this particular package.

It’s important to keep a momentum as you are birthing the new, yet eternal, story of you. Mentorships might be the gentle push you need to move you in the right direction