“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”
– Pema Chodron

One-on-one mentorship guidance is the fast-track to your spiritual evolution. After 20+ years of teaching and guiding others, I’ve developed the most efficient way to help you understand, grow, and develop your healing and spiritual superpowers. Find, understand, and develop your innately powerful abilities while I hold the space for you to do so safely and confidently.

To make sure that we’re the right fit, you will fill out a short questionnaire that will need to be emailed directly to me, and then we will have a FREE 30-minute meet & greet before deciding to move forward or not.


1 Month Package – For Clarity, Calm and Energetic Healing
This package includes:
Initial Intuitive Reading for CLARITY.
Foundations of Meditation for CALM.
Chakra self-assessment and ENERGETIC CLEARING.
Overall reading and healing tool kit to continue your growth and expansion.
$540 for 4 one-hour in-person or sessions by phone ($60 savings)

2 Month Package – Manifesting Change and Growth
Everything offered in the 1 Month Package plus…
Application of intuitive gifts at the beginning level.
Meeting your guide, gatekeeper, and totem animal.
Learning how you specifically communicate with your guide(s).
$1000 for 8 one-hour in-person or sessions by phone ($200 savings)

3 Month Package – Truly Transformational Work
Everything offered in the 2 Month Package plus…
Stronger sense of intuitive abilities and how to incorporate them in your daily life.
Energetic chakra alignment through guided meditation.
Intro to channeling and connection to the Angels & Ascended Masters.
Practice intuitive readings to affirm your intuitive gifts.
$1400 for 12 one-hour in-person or sessions by phone ($400 savings)

6 Month Package – The Practitioner
Everything offered in the 3 Month Package plus…
Access to the Akashic Records and your Book of Life.
Communication and healing with the Angels.
Intermediate and advanced channeling.
10th Chakra and ancestral clearing for healing collective consciousness.
Past life regression as needed.
Ancestral regression to re-align epigenetically maternal and/or paternal sides.
Introduction to mediumship and tarot.
Hands-on practice of all-of-the-above.
$3000 for 24 one-hour in-person* sessions ($600 savings)
*For interested parties not located near or around the Charlotte area, please contact me directly to discuss how to move forward with this particular package.

Maintenance Program for Healing Professionals – Clearing and alignment for counselors, healers, medical workers, teachers, and stay-at-home parents. Check-ins include energy realignment, clearing, protection, and general healing tools to energize.
6 monthly 30 minute check-ins $450
12 monthly 30 minute check-ins $900
6 monthly 1 hour check-ins $840
12 monthly 1 hour check-ins $1680

Intuitive Development for Teens – Please email me directly if you have a teen who is interested in understanding and developing their intuitive gifts.

Sessions are offered in-person, via Zoom, or over the phone. Mentorship is the gentle push you need to move in the right direction. It’s important to keep a momentum when birthday the new you! Each package WILL be custom tailored to your needs and the descriptions above are just a bullet point of things that will be covered in mentorship sessions. Most sessions are one-hour in length with the exception of regression sessions. Please email me any questions you may have to make sure that this is the right fit for your evolution!