Metamorphosis Program

This is for all the healers, counselors, empaths, highly intuitive awakened and awakening individuals dabbling in their spiritual expansion – ready to take their next steps toward self-awareness and evolution.

This package ultimately leads to a greater understanding of your intuitive gifts and the guidance that you have access to. You will receive expansion and self-empowerment by intimately meeting your guides, angels, ancestors – all of the energies that surround you who are wanting to work with you.  You will acquire tools on how to clear and protect energetically, identify your truth through your inner and higher guidance, and connect to true source love.

Ready to evolve? Here is the transformation you can explore in this program:

  1. Understand your Self, the balance between the divine feminine and masculine
  2. Speak your truth from a place of compassion and love: Authenticity
  3. Step into joy, laughter, vulnerability and self-love
  4. Expand, forgive and let go
  5. Play with your intuition and reinforce the unique gifts you possess
  6. Expand by implementing the spiritual tools to clear and nurture your own energy

If you are looking to incorporate your intuitive gifts into your life, this program will provide you with tools to integrate and enhance your spiritual awareness and awakening.

Take a look at what the metamorphosis program has to offer.




6-month package.
24+ hours of spiritual enlightenment and mentoring.
Two-hour sessions every other week.

$4400 paid in full.
Or, 6 installments of $800 monthly.

Mentorship programs are opening up again!  Schedule a call to chat with Jessica about how she can and will guide you on your own spiritual and intuitive metamorphosis.

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They were ready

… are you?

… are you?

The work Jess and I have completed through the Metamorphosis program has been deeply healing and transformative for me. The tools she’s taught me – from grounding/clearing practices, guided meditations, to past life regression work – have completely changed how I move through the world, leading to forgiveness and compassion in relationships I never thought could be healed. Jess has helped me step fully into my soul’s purpose, and it has been through her gentle guidance, her ability to meet me where I am, our laughter, and her authenticity that I have been able to see myself through God’s glasses and embrace the light within.  

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