New Year! New YOU! Welcome 2017!!

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

December 29, 2016

New Year! New YOU! Welcome 2017!!

The new year always brings in dreams of positive change, hope and, of course, New Year’s resolutions.  There are a few things we can do to start out our year with our best intentions and goals in mind.   And when we work from our best intentions, we always bring in (manifest) that which brings us joy and makes us whole.

Here are some helpful tips to start out the year fresh and clean:

– Winter Clearing:
If you haven’t already done so, take a look at all the “new” you received over the holidays and let go of objects and articles, even food, taking up excess space.  The cleaner we are on the outside, the clearer on the inside.  It’s also a good idea to palo santo/sage in all corners in all rooms and closets in the house too.  You will literally feel the energy of the house brighten!  (TIP: I usually open my windows to let out the “old,” and I carry with me a rose quartz to keep my own spirit lifted while I do this.)

– Fire Ceremony Intention Setting:
One of my favorite activities to do at the end of the year is to conduct a fire ceremony. The objective is to really look within and think of one aspect of yourself you want to release and another you want to manifest.  For example, “I want to release my lack of patience,” or “I want to manifest abundance in all forms.” The most important piece to keep in mind is that we ask for each so that we can ultimately use them in ways to give back to the community or for the benefit of all.  Write each down on separate pieces of paper.  With prayer and intent, breathe what you want to release into the paper and place it in the fire.  Do the same with what you want to manifest.

– Journal:
Everybody’s fave!  Ha!  Journaling is such an awesome means of revisiting and ultimately clearing clutter.  Take a moment and write down in your journal the following:
– 9 lessons that you learned this year
– 9 things you are incredibly grateful for
– 10 things you love about yourself
– 10 things you hope to see transpire in the year 2017 (and then at the end of the year, see what manifested!)

Why the 9 and 10?  9 is 2016 (2+0+1+6) and 10 is 2017!  More on numerology to come.

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On my gratitude list is each and every one of you!  Thank you for reading, following, being.

Happy New Year!

Much love,

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