Reiki Classes

Levels 1-3

What is Reiki?

Reiki, defined, is a technique of healing through the hands using Qi energy.  The word Reiki is derived from Japanese “Rei” meaning “universal or spiritual wisdom” and “Ki” which is the life force.  Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that had been used for thousands of years prior to Mikao Usui developing a more “user-friendly” curriculum for students to incorporate into their daily practice and lives. 

Some of the primary benefits of Reiki:

  • Physical healing
  • Stress reduction
  • Emotional balance
  • Spiritual connectedness
  • Mental clarity
  • Intuitive development
  • Better sleep
  • Healing for animals and children
reiki class

Reiki is being used now in hospitals and hospices.  I personally have used Reiki to decrease the impact of pain from cancer, migraines, menstrual cramps, and other sources. 

Reiki Class

reiki workshop

Step 1: Reiki I&II
6 month integration (at least): Practice and incorporate symbols in consistent practice.

Step 2: Reiki Holy® Fire Mastery
1 year integration: Practice and incorporate the symbols of Usui Reiki I&II with the Holy Fire® and Reiki Master symbols on self, others and animals.

Step 3: Karuna Reiki
This is the final step (for now) in the utilization of the 11th chakra, the power to heal with the hands.

* I teach Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki through the resources of William Lee Rand and the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training).

Why would you want to learn and incorporate it in your own life?

Why not?  Reiki not only boosts where we are physically, emotionally and mentally in our lives, bringing us back to balance within our sentient selves, it also enhances our spiritual connection in powerful ways.  I study the Course in Miracles which proclaims, and this is Universal Law: I heal as I am taught to heal.  You ready to heal?

PLEASE NOTE: If you have studied with me under the 3-month, 6-month or now metamorphosis packages, you are ready for this course. If you have not, I will need to speak with you directly before registering regarding your knowledge of chakras, energy healing, opening and holding sacred space and channeling. For all interested in participating, *please contact me directly.*

reiki workshop

They were ready

… are you?

… are you?

Healing sessions with Jessica have been an integral part of my personal and spiritual growth. She takes the time to listen, understand, and support, making each session an experience that extends beyond the immediate healing work. Her remarkable ability to reveal hidden aspects of myself has been invaluable to my development. Jessica’s spiritual insight, coupled with her Reiki healing, is truly a gift.

What began as a few sessions aimed at self-discovery has evolved into a life-changing journey, changing how I live and connect with others daily. Inspired by Jessica’s profound knowledge, I participated in multiple classroom sessions to learn the history and practice of Reiki, eventually becoming a Reiki Master practitioner.

Despite the classes’ group setting, Jessica ensured there was ample room for individual expression and exploration. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and Jessica’s genuine care for each person’s learning experience was evident. The classes blended informative sessions with hands-on practice, enabling us to both give and receive Reiki while benefiting from valuable feedback.

Learning Reiki from Jessica has empowered me to heal myself and others in ways I never imagined. Her passion and expertise extend beyond personal healing and teaching, spreading positive energy to the conscious collective. Jessica’s gifts have truly made a difference in my life, and the lives of many others.

– Julie Mazzella, Waxhaw, NC

I would absolutely recommend this training to a friend. Jessica is magic! Her space is full of light, love, and ancient wisdom. It was the perfect setting for a Reiki I&II training and attunement. All the training materials were clear and succinct and the information added by Jessica, such as her chakra chart and lists of tools for the practice of energy healing, enhanced the training immeasurably.
– Kara Bolling, Baltimore, MD

I learned Reiki I&II online with Jessica. Her handouts to the Reiki class were very helpful, especially since I am a visual learner.  I do the Reiki on myself often, though a very simplified version. I feel peace sending others distance Reiki for healing, even if I do not “know” they are receiving.

Jess is a wonderful, kind, and encouraging teacher. She never made me feel inadequate in asking questions or when I didn’t “get it”.  She seems to know when I need to be pushed to believe or to stop questioning.  And it’s done in a non-threatening way and always with love.

– Sandra Kollmorgen, Denver, CO

Divine intervention led me to Jessica when I was lost. I went in for an intuitive reading over three years ago and she’s been with me on my spiritual journey, encouraging me every step of the way.

Her mentorship program helped me gain confidence in my gifts and empowered self acceptance and allowed me to enter in to a space where I no longer felt unsafe and alone.

I also had the pleasure of taking her Usui Reiki I&II and Holy Fire® Mastery class. I now use her teachings and the tools she’s has provided me with to help others feel safe, empowered and confident so that they can heal and walk their spiritual journey. I am so grateful for Jessica and all that she has and continues to teach me.

– Jenna Grant, Matthews, NC


What is Reiki? What does it do?

Reiki is a form of healing through the hands. Rei-ki stands for “Universal life energy,” an energy we as humans all possess. It helps align the energy fields and chakric systems, allowing the recipient to feel calmer, more aligned, energized.

What happens during a Reiki session? What does Reiki feel like?

At the beginning of my Healing and Clearing or Reiki sessions, I have a chat with my clients about what to expect, where they’d like to focus. I conduct a longer spiritual guidance reading by channeling angels, ascended masters, ancestors and then use the Tarot cards to clarify where my client is and where we might need to focus energetically to align their auric field. I open the space with a Reiki prayer and set intentions for healing followed by essential oils or crystals to amplify the energy. Sometimes I will incorporate sound healing tools dependent on the clients’ needs.

Clients repeatedly say they feel calm, soothed, aligned, “better” after their session. Some feel tired as it is an energetic shift. I advise they drink plenty of water and rest to help the physical body catch up to the energetic uplifting. Other clients have commented that they feel other “light presences” in the room and that they are surprised at the heat coming out of the hands during the session (it does get warm).

How should I prepare for a Reiki session?

Healing is all about our intention. I often recommend that my clients consider what aspects in their life they’d like to release as well as what they want to manifest. By aligning our energetic field, it aligns as well our life intentions. Reiki is a beautiful conductor of the “positive flow” of energy – and so as the energy flows and we become less stagnant, so can our aspirations.

How often should I receive Reiki?

If you have learned to conduct Reiki yourself, every day. Reiki only enhances our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of self. In other words, it only helps and cannot do any harm.

If you are a client, I suggest two weeks to monthly. In my Healing and Clearing program, clients meet with my monthly for a “check-up” or realignment.

My Reiki Story

Since the beginning of my spiritual journey and expansion, I have always been fascinated by Reiki and Healing Touch.  I was mesmerized and curious about how we humans could use our hands to help generate enough energy to align and balance the fields of self and others.

Like most, I related back to Jesus and his miracles. He healed and performed miracles in doing so, but who am I to possibly hold such power?  He was perfect, and I am clearly flawed.

And that’s when my perspective shifted.  Little signs, messages and cues from Spirit began sprinkling my world.  I needed to work with my hands, or the 11th chakra, to heal others.  I opted to take an Usui Reiki I class – to learn the history of Reiki.  And then my teacher offered another course in Reiki II to learn the symbols.  After studying and incorporating the symbols, I honestly did very little with it.  The practice called to me, but I didn’t fully register the power at my finger tips.  Literally.

About two years later, I came into contact with another Reiki Master who had studied Holy Fire Reiki Mastery through William Lee Rand. Again thought nothing of it.  Until…

I was in Montana and stumbled upon a chipmunk in the middle of my hiking path.  It had clearly been attacked.  I picked it up and warmly held it to my heart all the way up and then back down the hill, sending it the Reiki II power symbol I had learned.  Lo and behold, toward the bottom of the hill, it shrieked and jumped out of my hands.  I had resuscitated the little creature.  And then I clearly heard: It is time to learn to heal through your hands.  (It’s when I hear this from Spirit that I know I don’t have a choice – and I’m good with whatever they tell me).

Read the full story of this interaction here. 

I immediately signed up to study Holy Fire® Reiki Mastery, which is essentially a more refined, higher frequency of Reiki. A few years later, I was guided to study Karuna Reiki, an eight symbol course that fine-tunes the intentions within the symbols themselves.  Powerful stuff.

It has been three years since I fully integrated Reiki into my healing and mentoring practice, and I am beyond grateful that I took this step.  We are all here to help heal this planet.  This energetic practice of sending healing with positive intention is invaluable.

They were ready

… are you?

… are you?

I met Jess in 2015 at an Intuitive Development Workshop. I signed up for her Metamorphosis Program shortly thereafter.  After working with Jess through Metamorphosis and then Reiki I&II and Holy Fire® Mastery Training, every aspect of myself feels illuminated.  More energy and drive to move forward.  We cleared stagnation, and I feel mentally and emotionally unstuck, more powerful and in control.  Things are more aligned inside and out.

– Chesney Klubert, Charlotte, NC

The Reiki I&II class was warm and supportive. Loved the intimacy of the group and the ability to interact with one another. Jess did a great job “formally” training and incorporating practical application. I loved all the tools taught in the class – cleansing, opening space, holding space. Jess stressed the importance of implementing these practices and gave the group permission to apply whatever tool felt best to each individual. She also gave excellent pointers on how to start our own Reiki practice.

– Carolyn Plaxco, Denver, NC