Are you and others interested in expanding your consciousness and activating your full potential? I’m available to share the fruits of my work as a public speaker for your next event.

It is such a transformative experience, when you lead with your heart and know how to access your intuition. As an engaging, insightful speaker/presenter.

Here are some topics that I can speak about at your next event:
– What your Higher Self and Spirit Guides want to say
– Psychic Protection and Energetic Boundaries
– Trusting Your Intuition– How to Digest Spiritual Knowledge
– Emotional Balance and Grounding Practices
– Self-Compassion and Forgiveness
– Following Your Inner Compass To Joy
– Practical Tools for Meditation, Mindfulness
– The Chakras Framework and Your Mind, Body, Spirit
– The Wisdom of Singing Bowls– Mindfulness and Heartfulness Training

Jessica Mangum was a pleasure to work with from the time we began discussions of her speaking on one of our main stages through the process of planning her talk, arranging all of the details, delivering an engaging workshop, and closing the loop at the end. She was responsive and understanding to the needs of the event. She spoke to a packed room on one of our main stages and delivered a highly received educational talk. The 250 + people that attended her workshop came out with a much better understanding of the topic and a chance to experience it personally via an experiential meditation. I will be happy to have Jessica on one of our stages again.

Lori Ives-Godwin, Founder of SHiFT Charlotte


Here’s How I Can Help You

I can inspire any type of audience and encourage them to think and feel deeply.
My talks promise to offer spiritual and intuitive guidance, increase one’s self-awareness, restore self-trust and personal growth, and provide individuals with a broad healing toolbox to use during their most challenging times.

Sound serendipitous for you and your community?

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speaker kit

Looking for my speaking kit? Contact Jessica, here.