Spiritual Evolution

These sessions are for you warriors who are ready to tackle all obstacles, seeking the greatest expansion possible. You are, in a word, evolutionary.

This program is for you if you have a strong desire to dig into self-awareness in order to help others and unify the conscious collective. This is one step beyond any Mentorship program. This is you diving deeper into YOU.  You will receive expansion: a shifting out of the old and expanding into possibility and power. You will tune inward and pinpoint what needs to shift to overcome obstacles on a soul level for greater awareness of your Self, your soul agreement and thus your “bigger picture.” And as you cleanse and purify from deep within, your light and thus opportunities will glow from the inside out.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Soul Clarity/Purpose: Channeling and intuitive guidance. Tapping into the 9th chakra (The Soul Star), where the ascended masters and angels can clarify and amplify why you are here in this lifetime.
  2. Clearing & Aligning: Balancing, rejuvenating, and refreshing through Reiki, singing bowls, essential oils and crystals. This work intentionally aligns energy fields throughout eternity. It is an interdimensional alignment.
  3. Manifestation of Soul’s Purpose: Reprogramming of the codes in the heart, crown and root chakras in line with your soul agreement, heavens or higher dimensions to earth. An infusion based on number 1.
  4. Awareness, Forgiveness, Letting Go: Shedding layers of “protection” from current, past, parallel and collective conscious experiences. This is essential in identifying and releasing what’s holding you back in this life.
  5. Soul Healing: A return to love/spirit by tapping into the subconscious aspects of Self within the soul space. Through hypnotherapeutic treatment, the conscious will align with your subconscious to bring forgotten memories to the surface to heal.
  6. Rewriting Contracts: Healing your ancestral lineage. This releases epigenetic patterns from up to 7 generations back, healing positively the generations to come. Ultimately this aids in mending old school thought patterns and belief systems in the collective consciousness, like a shimmering spider web of light and growth overlapping time and space. Powerful work.
  7. Initiation of Stepping Into Your Power: Expanding your potential through love, self- awareness and self-empowerment.
  8. Deep Intuitive Reading: Reviewing what you have accomplished to then clarify your next steps moving forward.

Tools we will use during our sessions to amplify your experience:

  • Questionnaire interview, reading, intuitive gift skillset
  • Reiki & singing bowl sound bath
  • Chakra clearing meditation with crystals – intention setting and manifestation
  • Age regression current life clearing (inner child work)
  • Past life regression (3 hours)
  • Ancestral regression – contract rewriting and ancestral healing
  • Vibrational sound, singing bowl on the body session
  • Reviewing the core/exploring the spiral of growth. Your new galaxy. Final reading, chakra clearing, tools for moving forward.



4-month package.
18 Hours of evolutionary expansion.
8 Sessions total, bi-monthly. 

$3630 paid in full
Or, 4 installments of $1000 monthly

Mentorship programs are opening up again!  Schedule a call to chat with Jessica about how she can and will guide you on the next phase of your spiritual and intuitive evolution.

a Call

They were ready

… are you?

… are you?

There are times in our path we still come up against “road blocks” that we ourselves are not able to process due to the nature of our deeply held subconscious belief systems.  Jessica was able to hold a safe space for me in my healing and act as a mentor as she mirrored back to me what my unconscious self was blocking me from seeing as my own truth of love.  In doing so, I have come far into a place of Acceptance for Self and others, as well as gained strength, centered-awareness, and a greater capacity to live with an open heart.

Lindsey Griffin