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We all need a little love from time to time. Here you will find resources, tips and tools that feed the heart and soul. And, they’re FREE!


& Meditations

The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

The Maney & LauRen Show Listen in as Jess channels and provides mediumship guidance, clarity on work and love life and speaks about her passion: mentoring others to step into their own spiritual and intuitive gifts. We’re all connected!

Heart Chakra Meditation

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, listen in, and allow your heart to heal and expand.

The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

Listen in to this Valentine’s episode as Jess provides soulful insight to callers wondering about their love life. There are some loving nuggets of reassurance for everyone here!

Playful Embers Private Podcast

Jess joins Katie Craig of Momentum Concepts on her private podcast, Playful Embers, to talk about the understanding of time management as a holistic practice that encompasses self-care, self-love, and setting boundaries. Jessica shares her insights on recognizing energetic shifts, divine timing, and incorporating rituals and practices into daily routines to improve time management skills.

Thoughts by Jess

In this episode, with Jess Bubbico and Jess Mangum dive into so many different topics like how Jess discovered her intuitive gifts, what the word ‘shadow’ means to her, how we connect into our own intuitive gifts more intentionally, and we talk about my two favorite Marys – Mother Mary & Mary Magdalen – and what we can learn from their paths.

The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

Jessica joins Maney and LauRen on their KISS 95.1 Radio Show October 31st. Listen as Jessica explains what Mediumship is and how she helps people find their authentic selves through her intuitive gifts.

Podcast Business News Network

In this final episode we address past life regression work and what that looks like, how we all have past life memories that affect the current, and how looking at those past lives can help clear and heal moving forward. Enjoy!

Podcast Business News Network

Podcast Episode 2: Jess and Steve discuss her comprehensive, spiritually-expansive, Metamorphosis Mentorship program, sound frequency healing, and how the universe gives us answers.

Meet the Elite Podcast

The Meet The Elite Podcast brings you the most interesting business minds. This segment includes a 5-minute quick info session on Jessica’s work and how it all came about.

Podcast Business News Network

Podcast Episode 1: Steve Harper Interviews Jessica Mangum, Founder of Your Spiritual Path Finder, on the nature of her work, what a healer’s healer is and what to expect in a Healing and Clearing session. 


Bittersweet Epiphanies

Jessica offers Jennifer a live channeling and tarot card reading that connects with her deceased grandfather and dives deep into ancestral healing. Jessica guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She’s a healers’ healer.

Butterfly Kisses

Join Amy Gray Cunningham and Jessica Mangum as we uncover the mysteries behind the afterlife, angels, spirits, meditation, religion—and so much more. If you are a spiritual seeker, have unanswered questions, or are on a journey of self-discovery, then come on board as we uncover the true meaning of spirituality.



What happens when one man stops talking and starts listening? A fresh podcast featuring the stories of strong women who bounce back. Because everyone deserves to be heard. Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @manlistening Hosted by Stuart Watson Produced by Jeni Wren Stottrup of Grittybirds Podcasting

The Katie Black Show

Follow Katie Black around as she explores Charlotte, NC, and (sometimes) other parts of the U.S.A. Full of pop kulture references and certain topics of historical significance, in coexistence with, fun kitchen sink stories that might not mean anything to anyone except the person sharing. This show is highly entertaining. Listen and remember, thou shall not judge.

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