Healing Power of Usui Reiki to Heal the Planet

Healing Power of Usui Reiki to Heal the Planet

Healing Power of Usui Reiki to Heal the Planet As you may have observed from previous posts, I love stories.  So, in that vein, I wanted to share a rather heartwarming anecdote for all you animal lovers out there.  The experience I’m about to share left me in...

The Wealth of Time: Spend It Wisely

This was my first time channeling the Archangel Metatron.  Typically when I work with him, it is to go back and heal childhood trauma/wounds from current or past lives.  He, along with Sandalphon, is one of the few archangels who was once human: Enoch, the prophet. I...

Channeling Mary Magdalene

As a skeptic, I am hesitant to put out there these channeled messages that I receive. My human, ego self tends to brush these gifts aside because, really, when this world seems so concrete and logical, how on earth is it possible to tap into such figures who have been...

Channeling and Trusting

Here’s something I channeled yesterday when I was feeling overwhelmed and just poopy: “When we look at things from a place of pure light and love, we realize that there is no darkness – that darkness, in whatever form, cannot overpower us. All power...

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