Laughter and Light, A New Perspective

We choose what we want to see/feel. Any situation can be perceived differently. It’s merely a question of how we can see it through a “glass half full” prism. One of the most beautiful lessons I have learned from the text in A Course in Miracles...

Looking for Love?

February is Love Month (thanks, Hallmark). And so, to be completely cliche, I am choosing to follow the hearts suit because: 1. Who and what we love (or not) is a hot topic right now. 2. We need to consider that regardless of what is happening, love is always all...

Bring in the Joy!

Because my reading and down time is rather limited, I decided to purchase an audiobook on the essence of joy.  I realized that though I am a pretty joyful person (when everything goes my way – Ha!), I still have so much more to learn and thus share.  So, based...

learn how to apply color and affirmations to clear your chakras

tap into the energy of auditory healing

deepen your understanding of how you feel when your chakras are aligned

set the intention to acknowledge and manifest your True Nature (Love)

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