Let’s Talk About the Future

Let’s Talk About the Future

No April Fool’s. The veil is thin right now. Confirming. They have mentioned this several times. We are doing expansive work inter-dimensionally. Now is a good time to channel. And that is how my message begins. I was awakened around 4:30, told to go meditate,...
Update from Jess – Sending LOVE

Update from Jess – Sending LOVE

Hello, My Friends, Short and sweet, I am sending along with some healing tools and updates in response to the pandemic. Please read all the way through. I have been receiving all sorts of messages. What I am channeling is this: Do not give in to the fear that results...

A Guided Meditation: Let Go and Shift

This morning,1am:  I awoke to a blood curdling scream.  Bewildered, disoriented and, of course, blind, I searched with my hands the physical outlines of my bedside table and bed, fumbling my way through the bathroom toward my objective: a frantic Isabella, now 4...

Love the YOU You’re With

February month is categorically “love” month, but as I observe friends, family, even strangers, it is clear that not everyone is blissfully in love with their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse – and that many are single, looking for love.  Seems to be...

100% Unfiltered, Unconditional Love

Last Thursday, our sweet little gray tabby cat, Zoe, passed away.  She was Chad’s cat (and therefore my adopted cat) of 16+ years.  When I found her, I was in shock as a myriad of thoughts and emotions swirled through my brain and heart space.  It took me a...

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