Talking to Mary in Vézelay

In my last newsletter, I described my “HOT” French driving experience, AKA my musings on how doing for others as they would do unto you is a turn-on. I mean, everybody’s doing it! Right? The next newsletters are going to focus on what happened, hot...

Mary Magdalene on Our Potential as a Human Race

I had planned in my own mind to chat a bit about “boundaries, protection and clearing” as a follow-up to my last newsletter.  But alas, as I sat in bed early one morning, I was blessed with a beautiful message.  And of course, it is my duty to share, so...

Channeling Mary Magdalene

As a skeptic, I am hesitant to put out there these channeled messages that I receive. My human, ego self tends to brush these gifts aside because, really, when this world seems so concrete and logical, how on earth is it possible to tap into such figures who have been...

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