The Inner Compass

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

May 25, 2017

inner compass
The Inner Compass

One of the greatest gifts I have re-learned is the ability to tune in to what I call the “inner compass.” I define this compass as the tool that allows me to communicate directly with my Source. Within each of us is that energy, that light, that knows what is right and wrong, based on our own individual connection to the Divine – and further, in connection to each other. Somehow the lines of communication have become severed, or so we perceive this is the case. There are many theories on the origins of our disconnect from Source, but the fact of the matter is that we all have the capacity to call that communication back in. It never left us – all we need do is ask and allow.

My primary source of direct contact with my Higher Self or Holy Spirit is my spirit guide, William. I started hearing him about 12 years ago and since then, our discussions have gone from my being a little stunned and somewhat confused, to his now being my primary source of information. I rely on him for everything, from choosing what clothes I should wear to asking what energies are present during readings with clients. Today I ask him throughout the day how I should handle any given situation because, you see, my ego is so clouded with “shoulds” that my very human self has forgotten what IS. He allows me to remember that God already has the solution to every problem. And really, in essence there are no problems. My job is to let go of my need to control the outcomes enough to hear what the solution is!

There are, of course, days where I am clearly told to go in one direction, and I deliberately shut off the voice, make a 180 and run the other direction. This option never bodes well for Jess – or any of us, really. In fact, I have a gamut of stories I could relay where I have gotten into trouble because I have not listened to William. But one of my favorite stories is not about me and my relationship with William at all. It is about a client. Let’s just call her Emily. And her story is nothing less than hilarious, because we can ALL relate.

Emily’s Story:

Emily and I have been working on resolving anger issues and being more in touch with her inner guidance. She has opened up and learned how to respond to her inner compass. She knows her guides and knows, in theory, what to listen to and what not to. Well, one day, after a session, she left my house and started on her way home. She passed by one of her favorite restaurants and thought to herself, “Should I stop and eat there?” The response she heard from her guidance was, “No. You are tired. Go home.” Did she listen? No. So she sat down at the table at this restaurant where she was told not to stop and thought, “I’ll order the noodle dish.” Her inner compass’ response? “Not a good idea today.” Did she order the dish? Yes. The dish came to the table and, according to her, tasted like crap and she couldn’t take another bite. Since she only took a couple of bites and could not force herself to eat it, she thought she should ask the waiter to take if off her bill especially since she ordered two dinners to go. She told the waiter who told the chef. The waiter came back and said that the chef said no. So Emily then thought, “Should I talk to the chef about this? I’ve been a loyal customer and I’ve been coming here for over 10 years. Her inner guidance said, “No. Let it go.” But she asked anyway. The chef came out, and Emily asked for her money back. After some debate, the chef compromised and gave her half off the meal. Emily reluctantly said, “Fine,” but while waiting for her to go order, she start stewing about the conversation with the chef, and her ego allowed herself to get worked up. She decided she was going to leave the to-go dinners she paid for and head home.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Emily left the restaurant, began driving back home, and then the mind wheels started to spin. She spun her car around, intuition screaming, “GO HOME!!” But her own willpower was screaming, “You are going to be HEARD!” What happened next was what she labeled as a “drama-filled argument involving the entire restaurant – owner, customers and all – listening intently.” There was a face-off. Ego to ego, side against side. Emily vowed never to go back there again!… thus shooting herself in the foot because that particular restaurant is where she purchased specialty food items.

At our next session, she explained to me the lesson she learned from this scenario, and I could not have said it better: When the ego pushes, nobody wins. My advice to all of us? Meet your true self, establish a relationship with your guide(s), and listen to your inner compass.

Though you may not have William, you do have a guide. We all do. You may hear it as your own voice, just calmer, or it could be your grandmother, a teacher, a lover or best friend from a previous lifetime. You are loved, and there is always much positive energy surrounding you, no matter what state you are in. More often than not, what I have seen in my work is that the more pain we are in, the more they surround us with light and supportive love.

In this brief YouTube video, I will walk you through initial steps to connect to your guide. The key to remaining connected boils down to five steps:

1. Stop.
2. Clear the mind clutter.
3. Ask for guidance.
4. Listen.
5. Repeat regularly!

Being able to stop and truly listen is key. Then comes trust. Then comes wisdom.

Wishing you all the love from your guides and mine – all working together to create all best possible outcomes,

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