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Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

May 16, 2018

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The New HOT

I took a trip to France last month. I’ve had a lot of inquiries as to why I went, what I accomplished, etc. I started typing up a response email that turned into a book. Clearly I love to write, but I also realize you, my friends, may not have the same amount of time to read. I get it.

So I’m going to share a little nibbles of my trip and various lessons that stemmed from my experience.

For this first newsletter on the “France Experience” series, I want to reflect on how considerate the drivers are on the European highway… and more importantly, why it’s “hot.” And because it’s hot, why we should all act similarly!

During my France pilgrimage, I drove from Paris to a little town in the southeast called Aix-en-Provence. While driving, I noticed that literally every car on the three-lane highway was in the right-hand lane. I thought to myself, “That’s odd. Maybe they just stay over there when traffic is slow.”

But as the roads got busier, I was approaching a truck in the right-hand lane and there was, of course, a car in the middle lane to my left. I knee-jerk got annoyed because I knew I would be stuck behind the stupid slow truck. I had my disgusted “Jerk!” look ready for when she passed by. Yes, I teach meditation. Lol.

When what to my surprise, the car moved over to the far left lane so I could move to the middle lane in order to pass the truck! She was considering where I was in space and time, and then proceeded to move over so I could keep driving at the same pace. At that very moment, I thought to myself, “That’s hot.”

But I pondered even further: Any person who would be considerate enough to look not only where they are going but also pay attention to the driving needs of others is clearly in tune to the finer details of life. And, that’s what is HOT. We all want to be considered, noticed and respected. Right? When someone does this for us, we feel a certain level of sentiment toward them.

The BIGGER picture? When we do nice things for other people, it only makes us love and believe in them and this world even more. That makes us beautiful, desirable on a subtle level. On the contrary, when we get pissed off or annoyed by their behavior, it really makes both of us ugly.

My advice for today?

And my Top Ten Tools to take with you?

  1. Smile more and make eye contact when doing so.
  2. Give someone a compliment.
  3. Leave a note on someone’s car telling them to have an awesome day.
  4. Call/text a friend and tell them how much you love them.
  5. Give someone a flower, just because.
  6. Put away your cell phone when around others.
  7. Let someone go ahead of you at the grocery store.
  8. Write five positive body image notes and leave them in jeans’ pockets at a department store.
  9. Write a loving message to yourself or a family member on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.
  10. Stay in the right-hand lane and move over if someone you are passing is approaching another vehicle. (My personal fave)

In closing, we all get back what we give. You want a boy/girlfriend who dotes on you? Give someone that flower! You’ll get it back. And for the record, I think you’re all hot for reading this newsletter.  Thank you. Til next time!

Sending love to all,

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