Update from Jess – Sending LOVE

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

March 24, 2020

Update from Jess – Sending LOVE

Hello, My Friends,

Short and sweet, I am sending along with some healing tools and updates in response to the pandemic. Please read all the way through.

I have been receiving all sorts of messages. What I am channeling is this:
Do not give in to the fear that results from the news you are reading and seeing. Yes, this illness is “real” on a physical level, but rest in knowing that no matter what, you are loved, and we are taking care of you. All of this is happening for a very explicit purpose, one for the best benefit of all. If you are able to look at this from a bigger picture perspective, you will see that it is bringing all of humanity on the globe together, that it is forcing humans to regain focus on what is most important (compassion, grace, and trust – as well as taking care of the physical self). To us it appears that we (humankind) have driven off the track, focusing on “the temporary” as opposed to the eternal. You are living in a temporary reality, and we want you to focus on WHO YOU ARE from the beginning of time. With the time at home, you are better equipped to do this.

Take this time to reflect, journal, do what you love, smile, reach out to old friends. Use this time to remember YOU at the core of your soul. As best you can remain calm and at peace, continue to do so. Take whatever opportunities you can to transfer and transmute fear into LOVE.

This is a message from my primary guide, William, through the Universal Collective Consciousness to you.

How I have been advised:
Due to the transition we are all experiencing and the physical, emotional and mental responses it is eliciting, I am opening up time slots, including a full day on Saturday, March 28th – a day of SHiFT quasi-online.

Here’s what’s happening. I am HERE TO HELP. I will be:
– Offering Sessions during the normal SHiFT times, this Saturday, March 28 from 9-5.
– Offering services by phone and Zoom only
– Extending hours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
– Offering a 20% “Check-in Promo” on Soul Inquiry Sessions (conducted by phone)
– Offering a 20% promo on One-month Package Sessions [Calm, Clarity and (Energy) Clearing] – further, more solid growth

I’m going to be recording more YouTube videos, and I will post them. I just recorded one on grounding in gratitude (lightworkers and healers need a LOT of grounding these days; we’re holding a TON of space). Click here for my YouTube page.

In sum, I want to be as present with you as I can. I want to hold space and love for you when you are fearful. I want to smile as much as I can, so you can remember and emphasize JOY. I want to HUG you virtually and hold your hand.

I LOVE YOU – and remember, YOU ARE LOVE,

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