What are the Benefits of Having A Spiritual and Intuitive Development Mentor?

Written by Jess Mangum

Jess Mangum is a seasoned mystic, medium, healer, and mentor. She guides and supports other healers and intuitives in identifying and strengthening their gifts, fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and catapulting their Higher Self in connection with the Divine Source to the next level of awareness. She is a healer’s healer.

December 13, 2022

Spiritual and Intuitive Development Mentor
What are the Benefits of Having A Spiritual and Intuitive Development Mentor?

Spiritual and Intuitive Development MentorshipWhy would one invest in a mentorship focusing on their intuition and spirituality? Is there any benefit? In one word, yes. (Or else I wouldn’t be writing this article).

Societally we are focused on the linear, the money, the drive. “If I make this lump sum and can purchase this house and car, I will be successful, thus proving my worth and power – and I will be happy.”

Because our telelenses are so focused on the idea of success on the outside, we neglect our inner success: self-love and self-awareness.

We have been conditioned to be what the outside world says we should be, a great many of us. In that whirlpool of meeting others’ expectations by a standard set by the collective human ego, we have forgotten who WE ARE as individuals. Grand generalization, I realize, but you get the gist:

We are groomed globally to compete. Who has the best grades, the most drive, the most money, the most talented kids, even? It’s cyclical. It’s also sick.

Intuition, in my definition, is not only listening to the subtle cues from our sensual aspects of self (which make us uniquely human, by the way), but also acting on them.

Some call it our inner compass, and it is the essential part of us that innately knows the difference from right and wrong to the more advanced aspects of using our clairvoyance, clairsentience, clair-everything to “see” and sense what is happening between the lines.

Tapping into our intuition and investing in a spiritual and intuitive mentorship may seem counter-intuitive, ironically.  But by building that intuitive muscle through the exercise of hearing, seeing, sensing, feeling and even smelling the intangible, we also re-learn how to trust in what it is telling us.

With that comes the aspects of connecting to our Higher Selves, the spiritual.  It is the part of us that is eternally connected to Source, God, Creator.

We are all connected. Always. It just takes guidance and self-initiative to catapult us into remembering this connection on a conscious level.

By working with a spiritual and intuitive development mentor to cheer you on and hold you accountable for your own growth on this soul journey, you will reconnect and change your life for the better that much quicker.

This is scary initially. I won’t lie. I initially resisted it like the plague. It requires us to be creative, to use our imagination, to trust our feelings – something many of us had to shut off or disregard in order to survive on this plane. Remember childhood? It’s like going back there, when we could freely look at the floating clouds or starry skies in wonder – before we were taught that fiction is not real. It’s reconnecting to the very essence of our soul and Spirit, fully loving who we are without limits.

The sacred work that I do as an intuitive development and spiritual mentor is to affirm people’s natural intuitive inclinations.

And I’m passionate about it because I love to see the light bulb go off when people tap into their sensual gifts and learn that these thoughts and feelings they’ve had all their lives are legit! There’s a great relief in the conscious realization that our gut feelings are valid.

So, what are the benefits of having a Spiritual and Intuitive Development Mentor?

  • Remembering who YOU are through your inner knowing and eternal connection to Spirit and the Universe
  • Listening to your inner compass and acting on it
  • Working with a guide who can hold solid, loving space, to support and gently nudge you in the process of your growth
  • Stepping into your true power and inner balance – the combo pack of the masculine (linear) and feminine (intuitive) aspects of your Higher Self
  • Opening up your intuitive gifts, the “clairs” to affirm that all you’ve been sensing is legitimate
  • Learning to love yourself in ways you never imagined by going back to the very origin of who you are

What mentorships do I offer? I’m glad you asked. Here is a little more information on each of my programs.

  • Healing & Clearing: This package is for highly motivated professionals who hold a great deal of workspace for others.
  • Metamorphosis Program: This is for all the healers, counselors, empaths, highly intuitive awakened and awakening individuals dabbling in their spiritual expansion – ready to take their next steps toward self-awareness and evolution.
  • Spiritual Evolution: These sessions are for you warriors who are ready to tackle all obstacles, seeking the greatest expansion possible. You are, in a word, evolutionary.

If you have been teetering on whether to invest in a program, now is the time to reach out and ask some questions with no strings attached. I don’t do strings.

My mentorship programs are re-launching in mid-January 2023, and I’d love to chat with you about what a program for you specifically might look like.

This work was life-changing for me, and I know you will benefit on a mind, body, and eternal spirit level.

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