The collaborative energy that comes with group work intensifies the energy within a space and formulates bonds and connections. These workshops require a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 20 participants.

1. Singing Bowl Sound Bath – 1 hour/1 class only $40 per class/per person
2. Tarot & Symbolism 101 – 1 hour/4 classes $40 per class/per person
3. Intuitive Development – 1 hour/8 classes $40 per class/per person
4. Dream Interpretation – 2 hour/1 class only $75 per class/per person

Workshops are offered in-person or via Zoom.

Contact me directly to request a group workshop.



Jessica Mangum was a pleasure to work with from the time we began discussions of her speaking on one of our main stages through the process of planning her talk, arranging all of the details, delivering an engaging workshop, and closing the loop at the end. She was responsive and understanding to the needs of the event. She spoke to a packed room on one of our main stages and delivered a highly received educational talk. The 250 + people that attended her workshop came out with a much better understanding of the topic and a chance to experience it personally via an experiential meditation. I will be happy to have Jessica on one of our stages again.

Lori Ives-Godwin, Founder of SHiFT Charlotte